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Microdialysis is what we do best.

Textruta: A wide variety of Microdialysis Probes. For CNS related applications, peripheral tissues etc. Customer specified probes are made based on your application demand.

Microdialysis Probes NEW !! MAB 10 Probes with FEP tubing

Textruta: Guide Cannulas made to fit the different types of CNS probes are made. Both re-usable and disposable versions are available. Can also be made to fit with customer specified probes.

Guide Cannulas for Probes

Textruta: Syringe Pumps in single channel and independent dual channel configuration. Low flow rate peristaltic pumps with two, four or six channels. Dedicated to low microliter flow rates with precision using calibrated pump tubing.

Microdialysis Pumps

A broad range of accessories that will make your microdialysis experiments easier to perform. Ranging from FEP-tubing, Tubing Adapters, Anchor Screws, Sample Vials plus more.

Accessories NEWS!! Vial Labels

Awake Animal Systems using balance arm with counter weight. Adjustable in three dimensions enabling the use of different cages and bowls. Made for either dual channel Teflon swivels or Instech swivels.

Awake Animal Systems

Peripherals such as a Liquid Switch for switching in drugs through the probe during running experiments. Helps avoiding the introduction of air bubbles in the system.


Product List

Product List

A refrigerated fraction collector that collects 40 microdialysis samples in 300 l vials. The use of re-sealing caps preventing evaporation and degradation of the small volume samples collected. The new Microdialyzer is a unit that has a built in pump, fraction collector and in vitro stand. This compact, very capable and efficient unit will solve most of your demands regarding microdialysis.

Refrigerated Fraction Collector, Fraction Collector and Microdialyzer

RACS (Rotating Animal Cage System) NEWS!!

RACS and RACS+ are designed for use of a wide variety of different bowls/cages. The systems have rotating plates which will allow for the bowl/cage to follow the animal movement eliminating the use of swivels. In addition RACS+ also monitors the animal activity.