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Microdialysis is what we do best.

RACS (Rotating Animal Cage System)


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On this site we want to give you a good view of the products for microdialysis that we offer. Among the products you will find probes, guides, pumps, different accessories etc

In the Product List to the left you may guide yourself through the product range.

To learn more about Microbiotech please visit the About Us extension and for contact regarding prices or any other issues please look into the Contact Us extension.

Helpful to know may be the probe and guide part number terminology that we use. First is a type indication informing about which construction and/or membrane that is used. Second is the shaft length in mm and last is the membrane length in mm. To create a customer specified version you simply use the same terminology but insert the desired shaft and /or membrane length. Same with the Guide Cannulas. 

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