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Microdialys Pumps

The MAB 40 Microdialysis Pumps is a dual channel pump.

It has two independent syringe drives. The syringes can run at different flow rates or one syringe can be filled with a smaller volume of for instance an expensive drug. Experiments can also run uninterrupted forever since the syringe drives can take shifts in delivering perfusion media. Both pumps have eight fixed flow rate settings and one fast flush setting.

Ordering information:

MAB 40 Dual Channel Microdialysis Pump, 1 pc

Specify 110 V or 230 V version

4001028 MAB 40 Syringe Kit, 1 pkg = 10 pcs of syringes and 10 pcs of syringe tips

MAB 40 Microdialysis Pump

The MAB 40 series of microdialysis pumps use syringes for pushing the perfusion media through the probe. A 2 ml B-D sterile plastic syringe is used along with passivated and sterilized syringe tips. Although the syringes are of disposable type they may be used for many experiments. On the plunger is a very well sealing dual seal tip effectively preventing leakage of perfusion media back through the plunger. However, if it is desired to work under sterile conditions the syringe and the syringe tip may be replaced with every new experiment. The syringe tip connects to the probe inlet via FEP tubing and Tubing Adapters.

MAB 40 Dual Channel Microdialysis Pump

 Small footprint pump

 Ease of use

 Typical microdialysis flow rates pre-set

 A battery operated version

 Independent syringe drives

 Plastic syringes make usage economical

MAB 20 Microdialysis Pump

MAB 20 Microdialysis Pump

MAB 20 Santopren Pump Tubing

The MAB 20 Microdialysis Pumps is a peristaltic pump specified for low flow rates. Two different pump tubings allow for flow rates between 0,1 l/min and 30 l/min. The MAB 20 pump is available with 2 channels. An additional application for this pump is to use it with higher cut-off probes. Pre-calibrated tubing kits enable accurate flow rate settings although on site calibration, for further accuracy, is recommended. The pump tubing come with a given V-value which reflects the flow rate at 99,9% of pump speed. For lower flow rates simply set the percentage of speed to get the flow rate desired. The PEEK cannulas on the pump tubings fit directly to FEP tubing using blue or red tubing adapters. All pump tubing kits are made from santopren and can be autoclaved, if desired. Other advantages of the peristaltic pump are that there is no limit to the perfusion media reservoir and that a change of perfusion media simply means moving the pump inlet tubing to a different reservoir. The MAB 20 is linear in the range 1 to 99,9 % of pump speed.


Ordering information:


MAB 20 Microdialysis Pump, 2-channels


4001007 Pump tubing 2-channel, 0,12 mm ID, 1 pkg = 2 pcs

4001002 Pump tubing 2-channel, 0.25 mm ID, 1 pkg = 2 pcs


The 0,12 mm ID tubing delivers app. 0,1 - 10,0 l/min and the 0,25 mm ID tubing delivers app.

0,3 - 30 l/min.

The MAB 20 pumps are small and take up little space on the bench. They are also robust and easy to understand and use. It is possible to use tubings with larger ID for flow rates higher than the ones preferred in push-pull/microdialysis related applications.

MAB 40 Syringe with syringe tip

Push-Pull Pump