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Guide Cannulas

Disposable Guide cannulas are available for the MAB 2/4/6/9 probes. The Guide Cannula part is made from non-metal materials while the dummy shafts use passivated stainless steel. This ensures that the guides will be stiff during insertion. A helpful detail is the dummy shaft extension on top of the dummy head. By fixing the guide in the probe clip at this extension it is further ensured that the guide goes into its desired exact position. It also allows for more space when cementing the Guide Cannula to the skull.

Ordering information:

MAB 6.14.IC and MAB 6.14.IC fits MAB 2/6/9 Microdialysis Probes:

MAB 6.14.IC, 1 pkg = 10 pcs

MAB 6.20.IC, 1 pkg = 10 pcs


MAB 4.15.IC fits MAB 4 series of probes with Cuprophane and PES membrane.

MAB 4.15.IC, 1 pkg = 10 pcs

MAB 5.15.IC fits MAB 5 series of probes with 3 MDa cut-off PE membrane.

MAB 5.15.IC, 1 pkg = 10 pcs NEW!!

MAB 10.8.IC fits with MAB 10 series of probes with Cuprophane and PES membrane and 8 mm probe shaft length.

MAB 10.8.IC, 1 pcg = 10 pcs

MAB 12.8 IC fits with MAB 12 series of probes with 3 MDa cut-off PE membrane and 8 mm probe shaft length.

MAB 12.8.IC, 1 pkg = 10 pcs NEW!!

Disposable Guide Cannulas

The MAB Disposable Guide Cannulas are typically used in awake animal settings when the surgery is performed a while before the experiment is to start. Since these guides cannot be re-used they are disposed of after the experiment is finished. The guide is fixed in a probe clip either at the shaft extension on top of the dummy head or at actual guide head. It is recommended that the shaft extension is used. The groove at the lower part of the guide head serves as help for the dental cement to fix properly. Along with the use of Anchor Screws the Guide Cannulas will stay firmly in place. When a probe is to be introduced, the dummy is removed from the guide and the probe may now be inserted. Available is also customer defined Guide Cannulas to fit with customer defined probes.

MAB 4.15.IC/ 5.15.IC Disposable Guide Cannula

MAB 6.20.IC Disposable Guide Cannula

Re-usable Guide Cannulas

MAB 4.15.G Re-usable Guide Cannula

MAB 6.20.G Re-usable Guide Cannula

MAB 2.14.G Re-usable Guide Cannula

In the re-usable Guide Cannula the guide itself is made from KEL-F and stainless steel. This make it possible to put them in acetone after experiments. The acetone will dissolve the dental cement enabling the re-use of guides. Note that the dummies cannot and should not be put in acetone. For the MAB 4 series of probes only the Cuprophane versions can be used with a MAB 4 Re-usable Guide Cannula.

The MAB 2/6/9 probes all fit equally well with either MAB 6 Re-usable Guide Cannula or MAB 2 Re-usable Guide Cannula. On the MAB 2 Re-usable Guide Cannula the dummy/probe is locked by turning the upper part of the guide a quarter of a full turn. The MAB 6 Re-usable Guide Cannula and the MAB 4 Re-usable Guide Cannula both lock by using a dual spring mechanism that secures the dummy/probe in the guide head.


Ordering information:


MAB 4.15.G, 1 pkg = 1 pc

MAB 2.14.G, 1 pkg = 1 pc

MAB 2.20.G, 1 pkg = 1 pc

MAB 6.14.G, 1 pkg = 1 pc

MAB 6.20.G, 1 pkg = 1 pc

 Re-usable design

 Easy to use

 Fixes to probe clip during insertion

 Customer specified lengths available

As with the disposable Guide Cannulas all the re-usable ones are fixed in the probe clip during insertion and cementing. The spring lock mechanism version can be fixed at either the flat lower part of the guide head or at the extending dummy cannula at the top. Cleaning off the dental cement is done by using acetone. Pay attention to cleaning the insided of the guide shaft properly or residues of dental cement may remain causing probes to be destroyed.

 No metals in guide cannula head/shaft

 Easy to use

 Fixes to probe clip during insertion

 Customer specified lenghts available

MAB 8 Guide Cannulas

The MAB 8 Guide Cannulas are made to fit with matched probes. The MAB 8.6.1 and MAB 8.6.2 probes come with three matched Guide Cannulas in each individual package. Due to the characteristics of these probes/guides it is not possible to re-use them. The intended use is when it is desired to perform surgery on the animal a while before the actual experiment is to be started. This way a guide can be fixed to the skull and later a probe may be inserted.


Ordering information:


MAB 8.6.1/IC, 1 pkg = 3 probes + 3 guides

MAB 8.6.2/IC, 1 pkg = 3 probes + 3 guides





MAB 8 IC Guide Cannula with dummy

The MAB 8 Dummy Cannula to the left has a stainless steel shaft which is stiff. This ensures that the guide is inserted straight into the desired area. With the dummy head being made from polyurethane it has some friction helping it to stay in place. The MAB 8 probes however may need to be secured in the guide head. Our recommendation is using adhesive tape around the probe outlet/inlet tubing and guide head. The shaft length of the guide is 4 mm meaning that this is the maximal insertion depth.


 Matched probes and guides

 Fits to the MAB 8 Probe/Guide Clip

 Max insertion depth is 4 mm

 Small dimensions ideal for work in mice


Metal Guide Cap

The Metal Guide Cap is made from aluminium and serves as a protection for the guides not being chewed when animals are kept together between surgery and start of the microdialysis experiment. It fits all MAB Guide Cannula but the MAB 8 version and is easy to put in place. The weight is also kept at a minimum not to add extra weight to the head.


Ordering information:


4001060, 1 pkg = 3 pcs plus one key

Top: MAB 6 IC Guide cannula with probe


Bottom: MAB 10 IC Guide Cannula with probe