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Rotating Animal Cage System

The RACS is designed for following animal movements without the use of swivels.

Several lines for carrying liquid, wires, optical fibers etc. may be used at the same time.

With a highly flexible system for fixing cages to the plate a wide variety of cages/bowls may be used.

A speed control enables user defined setting of the plate rotation speed depending on experimental conditions. 

The balance arm is equally adjustable to a wide variety of different cages/bowls.



The RACS+ has the same features as the RACS with the addition that it can also monitor the animal activity in the cage.

0ne to four sensors will keep track and register the animal movements CW and CCW. Using one sensor will monitor whole laps and four sensors will monitor quarter laps.

The user may fix any of one to four sensors to the tray depending on experimental setup.

Part number: RACS+ (Rotating Animal Cage System with Activity Monitor

Part number: RACS (Rotating Animal Cage System

Cage/Bowl dimensions:


Width: Min 10 cm, Max 27 cm

Length: Min 10 cm, Max 46 cm

Height: Max 35 cm


Both systems are user adjustable within the above dimensions.